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About Go To Travel Campaign

During this campaign, Traveller who makes a booking via travel company will get “Travel Discount”
or “Local Discount Coupon Card” that can be used to cut down the travelling price by half.

The maximum discount for one day trip is JPY 10.000 /person;
and for more than one day trip is JPY 20.000 /person /night.

Your discount will be 70% for accomodation fee and 30% for coupon that you can use in your destination.
The local coupon will start from October 1st.
If you registered before September the 30% local coupon will not be issued,
only 70% discount for accomodation will be issued

〇Detailed Illustration About The Campaign
1 Person travelling for 2 Days 1Night for JPY 20.000
①Travelling Cost/ Accomodation Fee ➡




JPY 20.000


②Total Discount ➡
※Maximum Discount for 1 person is JPY 20.000 /night
③ Detail About Discount
1 Person is Travelling for 2 Days 1 Night for JPY 100.000
①Travelling Cost/ Accomodation Fee ➡




JPY 100.000



②Total Discount ➡
※Half of the travelling cost is JPY 5.000.
However, since the limit for 1 night is JPY 20.000, the traveller will get only JPY 20.000
③Detail About Discount

Go To Travel Campaign Plans

Accomodation Plan
Tailor Made Tour
1 Day Trip Plan
Small Group Plan
Golf Plan
Car Rental
Other Special Discount Campaign

In addition to the Go To Travel Campaign,
local governments also make their own programs for tourism recovery.

First, travel that is not cross boundaries seems realistic as a result,
there are some travel programs for local citizen for example discounted accomodation plan, coupon for permium accomodation, or coupon for shopping.

Tourism Spot Introduction Video

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